Even if we make LSP sad

Even if we see Marceline’s dad

Even if a guy’s heart can turn bad

Even if the whole world has gone mad

Even if the whole world has gone mad


Finn Rap Battle instrumental track from Billy’s Bucket List

Composed by storyboard artist/writer Jesse Moynihan

from Jesse:

Finn goes head to head with Rap Bear in the Adventure Time episode “Billy’s Bucket List”. This is the instrumental track I wrote for it.

I like orchestra hits.


"Lemonhope’s Got Feet" demo from Lemonhope: Part One

written by Leslie Wolfhard

lyrics by storyboard artist Steve Wolfhard andLeslie Wolfhard

That’s Leslie on the piano and Steve providing the vocals.


As i’ve said before, It was amazing to get to write a song for Al Yankovic. (I even got to go in and help direct Al while he sung!   Not that there was much to correct, Al was so professional He came in with pre-made sheet music of the song (which he gave to me after the record).

Originally I wanted the song to be sort of an early beach boys song, but i ended up just using something pretty catchy that i plunked out on the guitar that I was immediately able to conjure up lyrics to.  I ran the lyrics and song by Cole the next day and he helped me rewrite it to be much funnier and fit more in line with the Bananaman’s character.

Here’s my demo version.  Please forgive my singing.

p.s.  Al Yankovic is a super nice guy.